Urban Dictionary – To Dome is to…..

20 Apr
The act of getting hit over the head with a blunt object. Usually an expression used in video games.

I’m thankful that this generally relates to administered blows to the head within the safety of a video game.

Again, I like to do random searches for informational or otherwise entertaining tidbits relating to “domes and domed things” just for the blogs sake.
I also like to keep my readers informed on the appropriate vernacular of the times 🙂


Domed Decals for Premium Products and Branding

17 Feb

High quality products deserve a high end branding solution that will stand the test of time and use while offering an attractive reminder of where the product came from. Many manufacturers choose to brand their products with professional domed decals as an alternative to engraved metal tags or having their component tags screen-printed, glued or welded. Domed decals offer all the benefits of outdoor durability, abrasion resistance and multicolored graphics and can be customized with a variety of colors and finishes to suit any application.

Domed decals and labels are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. From applications as demanding as industrial marine equipment, household appliances and car hubcaps to lighter use decals such as computer case badges. Domed decals can be produced for any imaginable placement. They can even be primary to the product itself as in the case of key fobs, belt buckles, costume jewelry and pet collars when placed in some sort of customized casing appropriate for the task.

Producing a domed decal involves a two-part process where print technicians first prepare and print the client’s artwork – either in spot colors or multi colors – on whichever digital press is most appropriate for the task. They use a durable weather resistant stock such as poly or vinyl that is then printed in high resolution with durable, non-smudging digital inks. They use this combination of durable material and inks so that the printed decals can handle the liquid doming resin without saturating or smudging.

Once the decal sheets are printed, weeded and cut down to a manageable size for the doming plates, they are affixed to a glass plate and transferred to a perfectly level surface where the liquid polyurethane doming resin is applied. Once this process is complete, the plate is carefully shifted to a drying rack where the decals can cure overnight. During this time, the doming material hardens but remains flexible enough to conform to a lightly curved surface and to dent and rebound instead of scratching or cracking. Many inferior quality domes will yellow and crack with age. The high end resins that we use at Sticky Business maintains its flexibility and stays crystal clear for years to come.

Domed decals are fast becoming the branding choice for all industries. They are a cost effective, durable, and professional looking solution and can be designed or printed to match or compliment the surface on which they will be applied. A domed decal will blend in so well that most of your customers won’t realize that it’s a sticker at all.

Domed Decals Video

17 Feb

Domed decals can be used for a multitude of industrial applications – anything from high intensity marine usage to indoor components such as case badges for computer cases and household appliances.

At Sticky Business, we produce high quality, durable domed decals for every use. And even better, we use eco friendly – lead, mercury, solvent and phthalate FREE polyurethane doming resin.

Check out our new Domed Decals product video below for a gorgeous sampling of some of our recent domed decal orders.

Wierd Movies About Doming….

20 Jan

This is more of a “for fun” post rather than anything serious. I did a random search in Google today for the word “domed” and this came up. A movie called – “I accidentally domed your son”.

According to IMDB this dark comedy has a single star (out of 10 – a pretty amazingly low vote). It’s not about domed decals or doming stickers in a doming lab, or anything to do with stickers at all. It involves some hapless teens and a mafia lord in a plot that the directors would likely describe (with jazzy hands and air quotes) as zany. I’m not so sure.

Anyways, don’t go rushing out to the video store for this one. Just sayin’.