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Dome Headed Pachycephalosaurs – Headbutting Kings of The Dinosaurs!

20 Sep

It’s time for another random “domed” search on Google…

How’s this for a headline?

Domed Dinosaur Was King of the Head ButtDomed Headed Dino

ScienceDaily (June 29, 2011) — Llamas can’t really manage it. Giraffes aren’t very good at it and while big horn sheep and muskox excel at it, it turns out a small plant eating dinosaur — the pachycephalosaur Stegoceras validum — was probably even better at it: head butting….

The rest of this fascinating  article can be found here.

As a domed decal expert, I can attest to the unyielding strength of the domed shape. As well, the materials we use in our doming lab cure so that they will withstand years of headbutting from large pachysaurous’s, if any were left to try it.

And to prove we have actually learned from the extinction of the dinosaurs, we only use eco-friendly doming material – free of all sorts of nasty things that shouldn’t really be used anymore.


Urban Dictionary – To Dome is to…..

20 Apr
The act of getting hit over the head with a blunt object. Usually an expression used in video games.

I’m thankful that this generally relates to administered blows to the head within the safety of a video game.

Again, I like to do random searches for informational or otherwise entertaining tidbits relating to “domes and domed things” just for the blogs sake.
I also like to keep my readers informed on the appropriate vernacular of the times 🙂

Wierd Movies About Doming….

20 Jan

This is more of a “for fun” post rather than anything serious. I did a random search in Google today for the word “domed” and this came up. A movie called – “I accidentally domed your son”.

According to IMDB this dark comedy has a single star (out of 10 – a pretty amazingly low vote). It’s not about domed decals or doming stickers in a doming lab, or anything to do with stickers at all. It involves some hapless teens and a mafia lord in a plot that the directors would likely describe (with jazzy hands and air quotes) as zany. I’m not so sure.

Anyways, don’t go rushing out to the video store for this one. Just sayin’.