Domed Decal – Peddle Covers

28 Sep

Custom Domed Decal Foot Pedal

This was a project we did a few years ago for a small company that made guitar effects pedals. This particular decal was printed and custom cut with holes for volume and attack knobs as well as space for a larger central knob for the on/off stomp switch. We then domed the decals in the lab and let them cure overnight.

I believe this decal was sized so that it fit into a depression on the top plate of the peddle itself. The high tack adhesive was strong enough to hold it securely in place and the domed surface would be highly resistant to the abuse an abrasion of sustained stomping and foot peddling and packing into gear bags.

I always like to highlight the many ways that domed decals can be used for product branding. In this case, the decal is an integral part of the component itself. Good product design goes a long way.

For more information about domed decals or to request some product samples, give Sticky Business a call TOLL FREE at 1 866 474-1095.


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