How to Make Domed Decals

24 Sep

Custom Cut Domed DecalThe decals are printed first using either screen printing or digital printing methods. Then the printed sheets are placed on a level plate where the doming apparatus (calibrated for flow speed and the appropriate square inches of the decal) applies the liquid doming material. The doming resin used is comprised of 2 components that once mixed will harden to a crystal clear, flexible bubble coating.

Each of these plates are placed in level, dust free drying racks and left overnight to cure before they are packaged up and shipped off to the customer.

Many domed decals manufacturers utilize both automated systems such as these and manual hand operated systems. For the consumer, both systems are capable of creating quality domed decal products.
For more information or to request domed decal samples call the domed decal experts at Sticky Business TOLL FREE at 1 866 474-1095.

Here is a short video showing an automated doming machine in operation.


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