Custom Die Cut Domed Decals..customization at it’s best

23 Sep

One of the greatest advantages we have with digital printing is the ability to custom cut around a design or logo.custom cut domed decals This offers a whole world of customization beyond simple circle, square and rectangle stickers. Before digital print and cut systems were available, creating a custom shaped decal required the use of a “die” – which inevitably added more cost and time to a project thereby making short or low quantity runs cost prohibitive for many businesses.

Now that we have digital presses, capable of speedy setup & high resolution, full color printing and laser precision cutting – the world of custom shaped stickers for branding has opened up to smaller budgets.

We see all kinds of artwork in the printing industry. The projects we love doing generally were designed by those that understand the strengths and weaknesses of typical printing technology. Graphic designers that are familiar with the print industry understand how to best use the substrates and inks that are available. Designs with custom shapes add a further level of customization which, to the viewer, appear more professional – an impression that is important to make.

Every domed decal begins as a flat decal. Once they are printed, cut and weeded – these decals are sent on to the “doming lab” where eco friendly, liquid polyurethane is applied and allowed to cure and harden overnight. This material remains flexible and crystal clear over time.

Domed decals can be created in almost any shape or size and they provide a premium finish to any design.


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