Domed Decals for Car, Truck and RV Dealers

20 Sep

Domed decals are an excellent and cost effective way to brand your dealerships automotive products and vehicles with a custom dealer badge. Decal materials come in a variety of colors and metallic finishes and can be printed to look like virtually any kind of substrate. This offers a wealth of opportunity to customize your logo so that it is eye catching and will provide a valuable reminder to your clients for potential repeat business and service appointments.

Domed decals are an excellent alternative to plastic or metal die cast emblems, which can cost significantly more. Domed decals are also flexible and will conform to the contours of most vehicles – allowing them to be placed wherever you need to.

The polyurethane we use in the doming process cures to a flexible, crystal clear, non-yellowing finish that will dent and rebound instead of chipping like conventional plastics.

If you own a dealership or service station, we offer dealer only pricing on all of our automotive decal products. Friendly expertise with great prices. It couldn’t be easier.


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