Domed Decal – Peddle Covers

28 Sep

Custom Domed Decal Foot Pedal

This was a project we did a few years ago for a small company that made guitar effects pedals. This particular decal was printed and custom cut with holes for volume and attack knobs as well as space for a larger central knob for the on/off stomp switch. We then domed the decals in the lab and let them cure overnight.

I believe this decal was sized so that it fit into a depression on the top plate of the peddle itself. The high tack adhesive was strong enough to hold it securely in place and the domed surface would be highly resistant to the abuse an abrasion of sustained stomping and foot peddling and packing into gear bags.

I always like to highlight the many ways that domed decals can be used for product branding. In this case, the decal is an integral part of the component itself. Good product design goes a long way.

For more information about domed decals or to request some product samples, give Sticky Business a call TOLL FREE at 1 866 474-1095.

Domed Decals for Beer Tap Handles

26 Sep

We have had the opportunity to create domed decals for some local microbreweries – specifically to be placed on their product tap handles in bars and restaurants. These decals play an important role in announcing the available on tap beers at any establishment. I always try to support the local brewers as much as I can and always look for the stickers behind the bar to guide me.

The photo of the bar below is not mine – I found it on Flickr and liked it.
Beer Tap Handles

How to Make Domed Decals

24 Sep

Custom Cut Domed DecalThe decals are printed first using either screen printing or digital printing methods. Then the printed sheets are placed on a level plate where the doming apparatus (calibrated for flow speed and the appropriate square inches of the decal) applies the liquid doming material. The doming resin used is comprised of 2 components that once mixed will harden to a crystal clear, flexible bubble coating.

Each of these plates are placed in level, dust free drying racks and left overnight to cure before they are packaged up and shipped off to the customer.

Many domed decals manufacturers utilize both automated systems such as these and manual hand operated systems. For the consumer, both systems are capable of creating quality domed decal products.
For more information or to request domed decal samples call the domed decal experts at Sticky Business TOLL FREE at 1 866 474-1095.

Here is a short video showing an automated doming machine in operation.

Custom Die Cut Domed Decals..customization at it’s best

23 Sep

One of the greatest advantages we have with digital printing is the ability to custom cut around a design or logo.custom cut domed decals This offers a whole world of customization beyond simple circle, square and rectangle stickers. Before digital print and cut systems were available, creating a custom shaped decal required the use of a “die” – which inevitably added more cost and time to a project thereby making short or low quantity runs cost prohibitive for many businesses.

Now that we have digital presses, capable of speedy setup & high resolution, full color printing and laser precision cutting – the world of custom shaped stickers for branding has opened up to smaller budgets.

We see all kinds of artwork in the printing industry. The projects we love doing generally were designed by those that understand the strengths and weaknesses of typical printing technology. Graphic designers that are familiar with the print industry understand how to best use the substrates and inks that are available. Designs with custom shapes add a further level of customization which, to the viewer, appear more professional – an impression that is important to make.

Every domed decal begins as a flat decal. Once they are printed, cut and weeded – these decals are sent on to the “doming lab” where eco friendly, liquid polyurethane is applied and allowed to cure and harden overnight. This material remains flexible and crystal clear over time.

Domed decals can be created in almost any shape or size and they provide a premium finish to any design.

Domed Decals for Computer Cases

21 Sep

Case badges are found on almost every brand name pc tower or custom built computer case. These emblems are an Case Badges and Domed Emblemsexcellent branding tool for manufacturers and small computer service boutiques alike. The most typical size that we produce for case badges is a standard 1″ x 1″ round corner rectangle. It is unobtrusive yet large enough to be seen and remembered. We also produce custom shapes and sizes in both domed decals and digital decals – so if you have a specific logo or shape in mind, even better.
If you own a computer component or service boutique, a custom pc case badge is something you should consider to brand your products in a cost effective manner.

We have produced hundreds of thousands of computer case badges for the computing industry as well as flat laptop and PDA decals. Check out our samples of case badges and domed emblems that we have produced in the past. And if you have any questions about branding your products, call the domed decal experts at 1 866 474-1095. We’re here to help.

Domed Decals for Car, Truck and RV Dealers

20 Sep

Domed decals are an excellent and cost effective way to brand your dealerships automotive products and vehicles with a custom dealer badge. Decal materials come in a variety of colors and metallic finishes and can be printed to look like virtually any kind of substrate. This offers a wealth of opportunity to customize your logo so that it is eye catching and will provide a valuable reminder to your clients for potential repeat business and service appointments.

Domed decals are an excellent alternative to plastic or metal die cast emblems, which can cost significantly more. Domed decals are also flexible and will conform to the contours of most vehicles – allowing them to be placed wherever you need to.

The polyurethane we use in the doming process cures to a flexible, crystal clear, non-yellowing finish that will dent and rebound instead of chipping like conventional plastics.

If you own a dealership or service station, we offer dealer only pricing on all of our automotive decal products. Friendly expertise with great prices. It couldn’t be easier.

Dome Headed Pachycephalosaurs – Headbutting Kings of The Dinosaurs!

20 Sep

It’s time for another random “domed” search on Google…

How’s this for a headline?

Domed Dinosaur Was King of the Head ButtDomed Headed Dino

ScienceDaily (June 29, 2011) — Llamas can’t really manage it. Giraffes aren’t very good at it and while big horn sheep and muskox excel at it, it turns out a small plant eating dinosaur — the pachycephalosaur Stegoceras validum — was probably even better at it: head butting….

The rest of this fascinating  article can be found here.

As a domed decal expert, I can attest to the unyielding strength of the domed shape. As well, the materials we use in our doming lab cure so that they will withstand years of headbutting from large pachysaurous’s, if any were left to try it.

And to prove we have actually learned from the extinction of the dinosaurs, we only use eco-friendly doming material – free of all sorts of nasty things that shouldn’t really be used anymore.